Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) 2020 Class 8 to 12 Exam Updates

Choosing school and board for their wards is one of the most difficult tasks for the parents. There are various boards such as ICSE, CBSE, SSC, IB School and state boards. The CBSE board is one of the most reputable boards of education under the union government of India which serves private and public schools throughout the country.

Central Board of Examination

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CBSE conducts its final board exam for both class 10th and 12th examinations. The Board prepares its students throughout the year with different sets of examinations which are conducted by the respective schools which also includes the 10th and 12th pre-board examination or the model exams. The Private or Public schools that are affiliated with the CBSE board follow the NCERT curriculum. Students must start preparing from 8th grade as it lays down the foundation for most concepts that will be studied in detail in further grades.

CBSE Class 10 Board Exam

The class 10 board examination is one of the most competitive examinations and complex examinations that students will face for the first time. Students will be preparing for these examinations from 9th grade as most of the concepts are carried over to the 10th grade, and it is quite imperative for students to understand the importance of these exams. The final examinations are usually conducted between February, march, or April. Students have the whole year to prepare for these examinations and can make good use of the time. The competition is very heavy and students must brace themselves for a rigorous study pattern to ace their examinations.

CBSE Class 12 Board Exam

The class 12 board examination plays a pivotal role in students’ education as it can help them decide on their future educational endeavours. Here there are three streams of subjects which are commerce, humanities, and science. Students have the choice of choosing between either three of them after 10th grade which will give them a base for their majors in college. The class 12 board examinations are much more competitive than the one in 10th grade and more comprehensive as well, students have to be thorough with their concepts from 10th grade so that they can do better in their 11th and 12th grade.

CBSE Exam Pattern

The new CBSE exam pattern focuses on two areas which are scholastic and co-scholastic. Each academic year is divided into two parts ie. term 1 and term 2. There are two types of the tests known as the formative test and the summative test. The formative assessment is the most important as it tries to provide students with the right environment which is fit for them and this is done by monitoring the students and also interacting with the parents after every term by advising them on what their child needs to work on. The second test that is the summative test is for students to be evaluated at the end of the term based on certain criteria set out by the school. This is a paper- pen examination that happens at the end of each term to test the student’s knowledge of what has been taught in that respective term.

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Students of different grades will be looking for solutions for the various questions in the exercises in the back of their chapters and Vijaya Classes provides the best solutions. Students can get sample papers, solutions and revision note for most grades. The following are the benefits –

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The state board is actually a little simpler than CBSE but CBSE is considered to be student-friendly and interesting. The CBSE board is much more beneficial for students as it is less stressful and much more interactive with students. Each of the chapters has exercise and fun activities for students to use which makes the entire experience of learning much healthier and fun. The CBSE curriculum is designed in such a way that is beneficial for their students in the long run, for students looking to study in more centralized institutions like IIT or Ivy league school, the CBSE curriculum will lay the groundwork that they need.

No, the CBSE board exams are in fact much more simple and less stressful than other boards. The CBSE board is considered to be a little tougher than the state board but it required much less mugging up. The CBSE board provides more room for different learning experiences and it incorporates everything that the students learn towards their end exams. Students are prepared for their 10th or 12th board exam over the year to make sure they get the best grades possible.

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